Ways to Listen

As most of us are not IT gurus and all we want to do is listen to your favourite music in the most easiest way…

Here are a few simple ways for you to listen to us.


By far the easiest way to listen is through this website. Depending on what browser you are using will depend if the auto play button will play automatically. If it doesn't.... just click on the pause button then press play ... SIMPLES!!!

You can use our web player on all Smart Phones, Tablets & SmartTV’s and in your car via *bluetooth. 

Listen on myTuner radio!Listen of myTuner Radio!

Click/Tap on this icon and it will take you to our page hosted by MyTuner Radio.

Click/Tap on this icon and it will take you to our Radio page hosted by Centrova Cast.

Click/Tap on this icon and it will take you to Amazon.

Login to your accound and enable the skill.

Command once enabled:

“Alexa, ask myTuner Radio to play Cyber Soul Radio”

Open your Sonos app.

Go to your settings and then add music service.

Scroll till u see My Tuner and add it.

Search for  stations in the UK then  Aberdeen and you will see us.

Then ADD us please. 

How to Bookmark us on the I-Phone

Step 1 - Open Safari and go to https://cybersoulradio.net.

press the small square box with up arrow at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2 - Slide the screen up until you see Add to Home Screen. (Box with + inside it)

Step 3 - Type in Cyber Soul Radio then tap on Add. That's it ...

Well Done You.

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